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Momentive Performance Materials to Showcase a Range of Materials from Elastomers to Coatings at K 2013 International Trade Fair


New solutions could allow for revolutionary advancements in a number of industries including automotive, electronic and medical

WATERFORD, N.Y. (July 30, 2013) -- Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (MPM) will feature a wide array of materials at the K 2013 international trade fair October 16-23 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The materials MPM will showcase – primarily silicone elastomers and hardcoats – provide a diverse yet comprehensive set of materials to be considered for use in a number of applications in the plastics and rubber industries. As a pioneer of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) technology and a leader in the field of weatherable coatings, MPM continues to evolve the technology to meet today’s demands and needs. It will demonstrate its latest advancement in LSRs, UV-curing LSR, during the fair. In partnership with Engel and Elmet, MPM will showcase a demonstration of the UV-curing LSR process for injection molding at booth 8a/G45 by producing a two-component design object.

Following are highlights of additional elastomers and coatings MPM will feature at the fair.


UV-Curing Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
MPM’s breakthrough UV-curing LSR has expanded the range of design possibilities involving multi-component injection molding. Traditionally, two-component or multi-component designs utilizing silicone elastomers had been limited to the combination of heat stable resins such as PA or PBT due to the molding temperatures that were required to vulcanize the silicone. Now, UV-curing LSR can be combined with more affordable, lower melting point resins, such as PP, enabling new concepts. Designers can explore completely new integrated material approaches in devices such as valves, syringe components, lab ware, diagnostic devices, catheters, respiratory devices and kitchenware, or they can develop totally new products.

Ultra Clear Liquid Silicone Rubber
By providing optical clarity, durability and design freedom, the Ultra Clear Silopren* LSR 7000 series can serve a wide range of industries and applications where the combination of high transparency, excellent heat and radiation resistance with high yield production in low cycle times is relevant. These types of applications include automotive lighting, electronics, solar and interior/exterior lighting. The new LSR 7090 with a hardness of 42 Shore D can reduce dust pickup of finished parts while maintaining the excellent processability of the Ultra Clear LSR 7000 family in LSR mass production.

Silopren Oil-Bleed Liquid Silicone Rubber
Silopren LSR 3696/25 liquid silicone rubber is a new self-lubricating LSR that provides an ultra-low compression set, low hardness and low modulus. Given the complexity created in miniaturization of connectors, it can be beneficial for family or mat seals in connector applications. And, LSR processing is a significant benefit in the connector industry due to the numerous parts required and the low-defect quality expectations in low parts per million (ppm) range. Unlike the commonly-used peroxide and addition-cured high consistency rubber compounds, it is possible for manufacturers to execute fully automated, flash-less and trim-free LSR molding in a short cycle time.

Silplus* HT High Consistency Rubber
With the introduction of its new Silplus HT grades, MPM adds high consistency rubber (HCR) bases with high heat resistance to its global Silplus portfolio. The new grades, available in 40, 70 and 80 Shore A hardness, can enable the development of highly heat-stable silicone compounds for a variety of applications with heat exposure from 200 to 300°C. Potential applications include pressure hoses such as in turbocharger systems; seals and gaskets for aerospace and aviation; as well as mold making with jewelry casting, for example.

Fiber-Reinforced LSR
MPM has also developed a new fiber-reinforced LSR that combines silicone elastomer flexibility with the high strength of textile fibers. This advancement can potentially serve as a mono-material concept providing the design freedom and cost-efficient processability of liquid silicone rubber. Targeted at the consumer market, sample testing has indicated that the use of this LSR may be in compliance with applicable FDA regulations and ISO 10993. Fiber-reinforced LSR can be a good solution to consider where elastomeric properties have to be combined with very high modulus at low elongations. Typically, manufacturers have used dedicated textile reinforcement, either through knitted endless fibers or the addition of textile fabric layers in the composite part production for that type of application.


SilFORT* UVHC5000 Hardcoat
MPM is introducing the next generation of UV curable hardcoats – UVHC5000; a coating with improved weatherability. UVHC5000 helps provide protection to parts made out of clear polycarbonate against abrasion, chemical damage and degradation caused by ultraviolet radiation. Potential fields of application include headlamp lenses for forward lighting and exterior architectural sheets. The use of this product has been approved by the AMECA and ECE.

SilFORT FHC615 Hardcoat
With a unique combination of abrasion resistance, flexibility and long-term outdoor performance, FHC615 weatherable hardcoat can enable use of coated sheet stock for various end applications that need a thermoformed article. Typical applications include windshields for motorcycles, ATVs and golf carts, as well as helmet visors.

SilFORT UVHC9000 Hardcoat
An excellent candidate to consider for long-term protection of printed surfaces, UVHC9000 is a weatherable and abrasion-resistant coating that can be applied through a digital printing process. The chemistry helps provide UV-protection to digitally printed surfaces, as well as scratch resistance. The coating may be considered for use in applications such as architectural products and signage.

SilFORT PHC XH100 Hardcoat
PHC XH100 is an ultra-hard coating for polycarbonate and polymethylmethacrylate substrates. It is an excellent candidate to consider for applications where lightweighting and scratch resistance are key.

Visit booth 8a/G45 at K 2013 or to learn more.

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